giovedì 17 novembre 2011

I like conan.He is a brilliant young boy who closed many difficult cases that the professionals could not.I'm a fan of Case Closed.I remenbered when I was young,I'm indulge in watching this anime.I believe conan will be one of my idols in my life.I prefer to make a conan cosplay.

martedì 15 marzo 2011

Nino Cosplay

Share some Nino Cosplay.They are so pretty!

martedì 8 marzo 2011

Iwasawa cosplay

Iwasawa is the initial leader of Girls Dead Monster who is in charge of the vocals and is the rhythm guitarist. She also writes the lyrics and composes the music for the band's songs. She plays a Sienna Sunburst/Maple Fender Stratocaster guitar. While usually a quiet girl, she is able to fascinate listeners by striving to create music that speaks her thoughts. She used music as an escape from her constantly fighting parents in life.Just come to see some beautiful Iwasawa cosplay.

martedì 17 agosto 2010

giovedì 8 luglio 2010

L from Death Note
L is the world's top-rated detective and tasked with tracking down and arresting Kira. He often takes drastic strategies to confuse and force the hand of his opponents, and his disheveled appearance disguises his brilliance. He enjoys sugar, and in nearly every scene including him, he is found eating cake or confectionery and drinking highly sweetened tea. His real name is L Lawliet.

mercoledì 2 giugno 2010

Touhou Project Character Ran Yakumo

Ran Yakumo (八雲 藍 Yakumo Ran?)Add Image
Species: Shikigami (Kitsune)
Ability: Control shikigami
Residence: The boundaries of Gensokyo
Theme Song: A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy

Extra stage boss and Phantasm stage midboss. A nine-tailed fox yōkai whom Yukari Yakumo made her shikigami. She is considerably powerful even without her master's support; among other things, she uses this power to maintain her own shikigami, Chen. Since Yukari sleeps twelve hours a day, she handles the work during these times. In dōjinshi, she is often depicted as a harassed servant, doing all the work for her lazy master.

Ran Yakumo Cosplay

venerdì 27 marzo 2009


直立灌木。茎丛生,有茎刺。单数羽状复叶互生,小叶5~9片,连叶柄5-13厘米,椭圆形或椭圆形状倒卵形,长1.5-4.5厘米,宽1-2.5厘米,先端急尖或圆钝。基部圆形或宽楔形。边缘有尖锐锯齿,上面无毛,深绿色,叶脉下陷,多皱,下面有柔毛和腺体,叶柄和叶轴有绒毛,疏生小茎刺和刺毛;托叶大部附着于叶柄,边缘有有腺点;叶柄基部的刺常成对着生。花单生于叶腋或数朵聚生,苞片卵形,边缘有腺毛,花梗长5-25毫米密被绒毛和腺毛,花直径 4-5.5厘米,上有稀疏柔毛,下密被腺毛和柔毛;花冠鲜艳,紫红色,芳香;花梗有绒毛和腺体。蔷薇果扁球形,熟时红色,内有多数小瘦果,萼片宿存。